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My 2020 Twin Cities Kidney Walk Fundraising Page

Jennifer Cramer-Miller

Jennifer Cramer-Miller

In August, I celebrated the 9th anniversary of my kidney transplant—and the heroes that made it happen. As you might know, Dirk donated his kidney to a stranger (through a paired exchange program) to make it possible for me to receive a kidney from an altruistic donor. How cool is that?! So I share this story through the National Kidney Foundation to help the 37 million Americans with kidney disease. And now it's time to raise funds for Kidney Walk 2020! Will you join us and donate to our efforts?


raised of $9,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Andrew and Linnea Turner
2. Tom & Sue Abrahamson
Sorry I’m late. Way to go in meeting your goal!!!
3. Charity L Batman
4. Jennifer Mullin
You are awesome Jennifer!
5. Ann E. Miller
Always glad to support the Kidney Foundation in the name of my awesome-living-happy damnit sis-in-law.
6. Trissa Garvis
Go Team! 💙👍🏻

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