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Team Heuser And Heuser

Team Heuser and Heuser

At Heuser & Heuser, L.L.P. we firmly believe in giving back to the Southern Colorado community any way we can. A cause that is near and dear to the heart (and kidneys!) of our company is the Southern Colorado Kidney Walk, and I want to personally thank you for your contribution to this wonderful cause.

Heuser & Heuser began sponsoring the Kidney Walk in 2017, just four years after I received my kidney transplant in July of 2013. I had been perfectly healthy until 2012 when I was diagnosed with acute kidney failure which had previously gone undetected. I was one of the lucky ones – I was only on dialysis for 11 months when I got a transplant. The average wait for a kidney in the State of Colorado is five years. After my transplant, I was eager to get involved with the kidney community and offer support on a local level. Your contribution here today means that the Southern Colorado community will have access to education, preventative care, and treatment which will undoubtedly save lives. Thank you for joining Heuser & Heuser in supporting the 2020 Southern Colorado Kidney Walk!

- Gordon Heuser and Team Heuser & Heuser


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