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My 2020 New York City Kidney Walk Fundraising Page

Kevin Longino

Kevin Longino

Hello Everyone,

We are rapidly coming up on the New York Kidney Walk November 7th! This year it is a “virtual” Walk and everyone is walking in a safe location of their choosing. Many of you in years past have asked to join me in the Walk and ….well this year you can. Details are in the link below.

This has been a particularly tough year given COVID-19 is creating even more kidney patients by causing acute kidney injury in many people with no history of kidney disease. Kidney transplants are down for the year and much of NIH government funding focused on kidney is switching from kidney research to COVID-19.

Despite these changes, NKF continues to help people find a living donor, continues its patient education through new social media channels, develops new research that will accelerate innovations in new drug development and clinical improvements. And we re-launched our awareness campaign designed to accelerate early diagnosis of kidney disease. Primarily we want to keep people from going into kidney failure in the first place. I think we are all more aware of the importance and benefits of prevention versus reacting after the fact.

But if you don’t remember any of that please remember this. Twelve people died on the kidney transplant waitlist yesterday. This is what motivates me everyday at NKF. I am blessed I am in a position to do something about it and with your help we can literally save lives.

Thank you to those of you that have supported me in the past. It has been a tough year and so I humbly appreciate any and all support you can muster this year as well.

Be Safe,



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