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In Memory of Lydia Hardin Banks

Whitney Hudson

Whitney Hudson

Hey Guys!

We have approached the time of year that I beg you to donate your hard earned money to the National Kidney Foundation. This cause is near and dear to my heart. As most of you know, our Mom Lydia lost her battle to Kidney Disease in September 2015. The Kidney Foundation was instrumental in making the burdens she had to bare a little lighter. There is nothing we could do to show how thankful we are for their support for many years. It’s our goal through fundraising and raising awareness we are able to help save the life of someone else’s family member. Please donate. There is no donation too great or too small. We appreciate you all so much. The walk is virtual this year due to the pandemic, so instead of planning a trip to the walk, let’s donate!


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Love you Whit!
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Love you!
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I hope you can meet your goal for a worthy cause.
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