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My 2020 Dallas-Fort Worth Walk Fundraising Page

Michelle Andrade

Michelle Andrade

Hi, my name is Isa Skrukrud. My family and I are dedicating the walk for kidney disease to my dad this year. I lost my dad in July of this year. He was the best dad ever and I miss him every single day. I miss all the things we used to do together (that my mother didn't approve of) like scary movie marathons, sneaking candy into the theater, and cheating Chuck E. Cheese out of tickets lmbo. I would give anything to spend that time with him again. So let's all get together and raise some money for this awesome foundation. Let's help all of those affected by kidney disease so that they can make some amazing memories with their family like I did with my dad. My dad was a huge Ozzy Osbourne fan which is why we our team is called Crazy Train. So jump on the crazy train and donate for Steve Skrukrud. All Aboard!

Thank you for your support!


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1. Claudia Montemayor
We miss you brother.
2. Michelle Andrade
3. Cathy Hampton
4. Kolton Blaisure
5. Maya Jarwan
6. Catherine Leonard
Such an important cause. Bless you for your fundraising efforts.

Team Crazy Train