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My 2020 Dallas-Fort Worth Walk Fundraising Page

Tameria Bell

Tameria Bell

I was diagnosed with Stage 5 chronic kidney failure midyear 2011. From 2012 to 2014 I went through different testing to try to save my kidney; nothing seemed to work. So I was finally put on dialysis in 2015. I was dialyzing for 3 years at the American Renal Association clinic in Texas. I received my kidney transplant on March 3, 2018. This is my first kidney transplant and so far everything is going well.

While I was at the dialysis center I saw a flyer to join the Network 14 team and PAC (Patient Advisory Committee). I joined this group because my facility was a new clinic and there were a lot of patients who had questions and concerns. I want to be the spokesperson for my facility. Even though I'm not dialyzing at this center anymore, I still come and visiting to let them know how my progress is going. Also I'm a part of ESRD Network LAN groups where I hear from other patients across different states on the issues and different approaches they talk about at their facility.

This helps me to share information with my facility I use to get dialysis. Also I can share at the Transplant center I'm going to now.
I am glad to be a part of Network 14 team, my PAC team, and ESRD Network LAN groups. I'm glad to be selected to go to CMS Quality Conference next year. Being a part of this is helping me continue having hope, faith, and able to shared my stories. I have learned a lot of information and I'm looking to see what the New Year 2019 will bring.


Right now, 37 million American adults are living with kidney disease, and I'm not okay with that. I walk because 1 in 3 people are at risk for kidney disease. I walk because more than 1 in 7 people have it but aren't aware.

I walk to raised funds that support the National Kidney Foundation, who was the first to identify kidney disease as a distinct, treatable illness. They developed the staged system of kidney disease diagnosis and treatment – a worldwide standard today – and release and update treatment guidelines to improve patient care.

Join me in making these advances possible by donating to my efforts!

Thank you for your support!


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