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My 2020 Boston Kidney Walk Fundraising Page

Karina Fuentes

Karina Fuentes


My name is Karina Fuentes.. This will be my 8th year doing the Boston Kidney Walk. Prior to that I was doing the Manchester Kidney Walk.

Here is my story..
10/18/2007 the day I thought my life was going to change.. I was going to be happier and healthier.. But things didn't workout as planned.. I went in for my kidney transplant with a positive attitude. Because there was only ONE PERCENT chance that it wouldn't go good.. Little did I know that 2 days later I was going to fight for my life but FIGHT HARD.. Kidney rejection was worse than it was talked to me about.. 10 days of induced coma.. My proxy, My sister Maria making decisions at such a young age.. My family being nervous as to what was going to happen to me..They didnt think i was gonna make it out from there. I can only imagine what they were going through.. I couldn't breath on my own.. Lungs kept collapsing.. Every time they tried to take the breathing machine out, my Oxygen levels went To 0. I had Tubes every where. Somehow I came back from it. THANKS TO MY FAMILY BEING THERE SUPPORTING ME AND PRAYING FOR ME. Then they told me the bad news. They told me they had to remove the new kidney..I felt like my whole life came crushing down. That meant i was going to go back to dialysis. I didn't wanna go to dialysis..I was only 25 years old. I wanted to live a normal life.. I wanted to be there for my daughter . Not in a chair for four hours. Depression kicked in..But I had no choice than to go back to dialysis..

Two years later 05/22/2009 I received the best news someone can get.. They had a kidney for me.. I had to go to Boston asap... SO I did.. and this new kidney was kicking in like it was double charged :-) alottt of bumpy roads two months later but It was able to stay stable.

Going fwd to 11 years later. March 11, 2020 I received the call from my doctor after they did the biopsy that my kidney is basically done. Yuppp, I CRIED, SCREAMED and said GOD NOT AGAIN.. Its been a rough 3 months. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Right when I found out and needed my family and wanted to spend the time with them, I couldn't. Everyone had to stay at home. Depression kicked in and it took me quite some time to get off it. But staying strong with lots of faith..


raised of $2,000 goal

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